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Optimizing Enterprise Asset Management for the modern world

Novae Technical Solutions exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique brings technical and process maturity to identify and implement the best asset management practice.  From Asset planning, acquisition to retirement, Novae Technical Solutions works with our partners to deliver a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management solution that optimizes Asset Utilization and Reduce Operational Cost.

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Get visibility into asset performance

The IBM Maximo™ Application Suite delivers a holistic approach that helps businesses across multiple industries to acquire, manage and analyze physical assets while tracking the lifecycle of all company-owned assets. The goal of EAM software is to control and measure asset performance, maintenance costs, and usage.  Maximo provides operations and reliability leaders in asset-intensive industries such as manufacturing, construction, energy, and utilities providing greater insights into the drivers of success and failure within their organization.


Optimizing Business Processes

At Novae, we begin with a complete understanding of the business goals, assessing the business process and analyze the intended requirements and how to meet them within the IBM Maximo framework. With the processes outlined, Novae Tech will develop visual representations of the processes and hold workshops with stakeholders to help identify any process improvements and leverage our expertise to provide the client with a to-be process diagrams that align the clients business requirements.


Insightful analytics

High-quality data is essential to achieve the benefits of EAM. The Novea Tech's consultants come with extensive expertise in collecting, cleansing, restructuring, and migrating data from legacy systems to Maximo. With our knowledge of your industry and best practices around EAM data usage, storage and maintenance we provide a critical analysis of the client's key data sets and recommend an appropriate cleansing, archiving and standardization strategies that will improve data quality. With our data migration tools we provide data owners to have visibility on the data as it is being migrated providing an additional layer of data integrity.

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Upgrades with minimal downtime

Novae Tech certified Maximo professionals have  performed many IBM Maximo upgrades. With the accumulated knowledge, tools, and processes to get you upgraded quickly. Our team approach the upgrade process with the a mindset of bringing your system to the current version of IBM Maximo with little or no downtime. We will assess your current system and determine the best Maximo upgrade path, reducing costs and minimizing downtime


Increse your system ROI

Novae Tech Consultants are recognized system integration experts, We bring a mastery of the MIF (Maximo Integration Framework) extensive experience integrating with dozens of systems, including SAP, Oracle, and ESRI. Novae tech consultants will develop new integrations, convert existing integrations, support upgrade efforts or interface expansions, and provides troubleshooting and support for integrations ensuring a smooth running integration process.


Achieve Your Goals

IBM Maximo provides extensive functionality that generates an extensive amount of data. Our Novae Tech consultants bring skills ranging from BIRT, Cognos, Actuate, Crystal Reports, Power BI amongst other reporting engines that can be leveraged to customize existing IBM OOB Reports create new reports that meet the client unique reporting requirements. Our Team will configure Key Performance Indicators that are easy for managers and users to read enabling them make optimal business decisions.

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24 Hour Support

Novae Tech provides our clients ongoing support services once your implementation has gone live.  Does 24x7 Maximo support sound good? onsite technical and functional support sound even better? Novea Tech consultants will answer functional questions users have on the “first use” of the system as well as to work with your staff to respond to any system issues that may arise. Novae Tech will work with clients  providing premium support that will meet agreed on Service Level Agreements (SLA) that correlate with issues reported.


Mobile Efficiency

Implementing Maximo mobility does not have to be hard.  Novae will leverage the native Maximo mobility solutions to ensure that the field crew are able to manage and manipulate data - in the same fashion as they would within the core Maximo system. Novea Tech provide a Maximo mobile solution that captures your unique business needs and provide you with solutions that will maximize your operations without incurring extra costs and a path that leads to improved efficiency, enhanced ROI, or the freedom to capture meaningful data in the field and on the fly.


Expert Guidance

Novae Technical Solutions IBM Certified Deployment Professionals deliver world class training of IBM Maximo through on-site workshops, classroom training and computer-based learning. Novae tech will tailor our courses to our clients needs. Our courses cover all aspects of Maximo from end user training to system administrator training. Our Novae Consultant will provide clients with expert guidance from our extensive real world experience.

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