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Get visibility into asset performance

The IBM Maximo™ Application Suite delivers a holistic approach that helps businesses across multiple industries to acquire, manage and analyze physical assets while tracking the lifecycle of all company-owned assets. The goal of EAM software is to control and measure asset performance, maintenance costs, and usage.  Maximo provides operations and reliability leaders in asset-intensive industries such as manufacturing, construction, energy, and utilities providing greater insights into the drivers of success and failure within their organization.

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The IBM Maximo™ Application Suite has helped clients with transformative results:

  • Asset downtime reduced by 5-20%

  • Labor utilization increased 10-20%,

  • Inventory needs decreased by 20-30%

  • Asset utilization up 3-5%.

IBM Maximo provides innovation to further enable clients to ultimately create smarter operations, and a smarter business.

Partnering with Novae Technical Solutions will bring a differentiated approach that is essential for a new era of asset management, maintenance, and operations.  With over 15 years of diverse industry best practices experience, our consultants bring specialized technical skill-sets, best industry practices and understanding of the IBM Maximo latest technology innovations that will allow your organization achieve a 360-degree operational visibility into their assets and increase productivity.

Let Novae Technical Solutions share with you how we can help you achieve superior results by applying a proven delivery methodology b employing a blend of industry subject matter expertise with innovative technology capabilities  For more information contact us

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