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Work Center is a redesigned, simplified, visually rich Maximo interface that pulls information out of the existing Maximo. Maximo Work Centers are designed with a much-improved user-interface that works seamlessly both on desktops and mobile devices, so they can be used in the office and out in the field. The Work Centers provide a number of user interface enhancements that enhance security, better leverage mobility and overall boost productivity.
Best of all, Work Centers are included with Maximo 7.6.x and do not require any additional licensing fees. With Work Center tools, you can streamline performing day-to-day tasks such as approving workorders, creating a service request, designing data sets for business analysis, or creating inspection forms. Work Centers are provided out-of-the-box with Maximo 7.6x environments and offer a tremendous number of user enhancements and work management features that translate across industries.

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With Maximo 7.6.1 you currently get 12 different Work Centers, available for free to all users with configured access. Each of the work centers is tailored so that only relevant information based on user roles, such as service request, technician, supervisor, inspector, and business analyst are displayed.

Administration Work Center

The Administration Work Center is used to complete various administrative tasks such as configuring Service Request categories for the Service Request tool, define knowledge and assign it to individual buyers, and then assign those users to groups of people they create as well as integrate Maximo Asset Management with other applications through this application.

Business Analysis Work Center

The Business Analysis Work Center is used by a Business Analyst to analyze information, monitor and identify trends to improve operation and user performance. Analyze information and monitor and  identify trends. Business analysts can use the data provided in the Work Center to improve operations and user performance

Conduct an Inspection

In the Conduct an Inspection tool, Inspectors could conduct inspections that have been identified in the Manage Inspection Forms tool, review the results of completed inspections and create unscheduled inspections.

Manage Inspections Forms

In the Manage Inspections Forms tool you could create inspection forms by adding questions and defining responses.
Carry out and inspect inspections. Inspection form by adding questions and defining answers first.

Manage Inventory Work Center

In the Manage Inventory Work Center you could perform activities such as manage your item catalog, inventory reservations and inventory in storerooms to maintain adequate balance and carrying costs.

Service Requests

The Service Requests tool is used to create Service Requests on your computer or mobile device and monitor the status of your existing service requests.

Work Execution Work Center

The Work Execution Work Center can be utilized by a Maintenance Technician either on a computer or mobile device to manage your work orders.

Work Supervision Work Center

The Work Supervision Work Center can be used by a Supervisor to manage the workload of technicians and assign owners to the work

Manage Assets Work Center

The Map Work Center can be used to access linked Maximo Asset Management objects such as Assets, Work Orders, and Service Requests, directly from a map without opening multiple applications.

Maximo Management Interface Work Center (MMI)

This is a set of REST APIs that allows an administrator to access information about the state of the Maximo deployment.

Design Data Sets

Business analysts can use the Data Set Designer to create data sets quickly and without the involvement of IT personnel.

Work Center Configuration

Business analysts and administrators can assess business requirements and configure the required data for the Work Supervision and Work Execution Work Centers to align them with specific user roles.

Barcode and QR Code Scanning

Barcode and QR code scanning is available on mobile devices when selecting an asset or location in the Service Request and Work Supervision work centers, and when reporting items and tools used on a work order in the Work Execution work center.

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If you haven't checked out Work Centers yet, or have a question on how to configure Work Centers to boost your productivity, contact us today.

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