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IBM Maximo for Maintenance Planning


This course discusses you will learn how to use IBM Maximo to manage your preventive maintenance schedule and regular work performed keeping your assets functioning efficiently. The knowledge obtained from this course will allow you plan and budget for your maintenance work on each asset, helping you automating work orders and workflows, scheduling labor and managing materials. Topics include the various RCM, Work Planning, Job Plans, Emergency Work Orders, Labor Reporting, Service Requests, and use of the Assignment Manager. Target audience: Maximo users who want to learn how to use the Preventive Maintenance application Maintenance professionals who want to learn how to use Maximo to manage their maintenance programs Anyone who wants to learn about the benefits of using a CMMS to manage preventive maintenance Delivery methods: Self-paced online course Instructor-led online course Benefits: Learn how to use Maximo to schedule and manage preventive maintenance work Understand the benefits of using a CMMS to improve your maintenance program Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your maintenance operations




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